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Therapeutic Adult Skills Program

Therapeutic Adult Skills Training
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SonderCare is dedicated to providing quality Therapeutic Adult Skills Training Program. SonderCare empowers individuals to socialize and enjoy planned activities in a group setting while ensuring social distancing measures and receiving needed mental health services. Our goal is to focus on enriching individuals lives by building upon their strengths.

SonderCare’s Therapeutic Adult Skills Training is an eight hour program starting at 8:30 am and ending at 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday. Planned groups and fun activities will follow through- out the day. Nutritious lunch and snacks will be provided daily.

Outpatient programs for adults at SonderCare Behavioral Health Services focus on supporting adults in their efforts to identify and cope with the challenges that they are facing in their relationships and lives.  

Big Brother & Sister's

Each SonderCare's Day Program member undergoes a unique orientation process; one that assists in creating safety, comfort and a supportive environment. Our SonderCare's Big Brothers and Sisters help us achieve this goal. They assist newly enrolled members become acclimated to their new classroom. Having someone provide that level of support and comradery makes a positive difference in their recovery process.

Friends Portrait

Rosie's Closet

Rosie's Closet is a tribute to the kind-hearted woman who inspired it all - my beloved mother. It's been 13 years since she left us, but her memory and generosity continue to inspire us every day. My mother was a selfless soul who never shied away from helping those in need. Her home-cooked meals were always a source of comfort and joy for family and friends. She also instilled in us a sense of giving back, encouraging us to donate unused clothes and other items to the less fortunate in Mexico. My mother's compassion knew no bounds - she always carried change to share with those in need. At her viewing, countless people came to pay their respects to the woman with a heart of gold. I miss her dearly, but I wanted to honor her legacy by creating Rosie's Closet. It's a place where people can find and donate clothing while also giving back to those in need - something that would have made my mother incredibly proud and happy. 

Member Outings & Events

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